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About Her Works

Her Works began with a journey of one lady called Tookta, who has travelled to different parts of Laos to meet people from various ethnic groups. Her sole purpose is to unveil the beauty and delicacy of the art and the handicraft works of the lesser-known ethnic minorities.

With full enthusiam, Tookta travelled to visit villages of the Yao, Hmong, Leu, Akha, Khmu, Khatu and other minorities. She has excitedly discovered the abilities and the intricate skills of multiple ethic women in producing the so-called “almost-extinct” garment manufacturing method. Some of those devoting and unique craftworks are: the handmade embroidery, weaving, hand-stitching that completely utilize the indegenious materials. This journey eventually led to the birth of Her Works’s concept that is to turn those uniqunesses into a whole new contempory fashion and handmade garment that are proundly produced by Lao women. Her Works highly value the dignities and capability of Lao women from all ethnic groups. Her Works continue to promote and endorse the uniqueness of the Lao ethnic arts in our product DNA to the whole world.

On 8 March 2016, Tookta started the project titled as “Her Works”, the title literally means that the works are commsioned and done by her. The word “HER” is intended to represent the hard works and workmanship of all Lao women who involve in all production process from the growing of fiber to fabrics to souvenir items.

It all started from a small retail shop with only dozens of products available. Very quickly, Her Works expanded its business and was able to opened a bigger branch (the head quarter) in the central district of Vientiane. Currently, Her Works are planning to develop an in-house vocational centre to improve the workmanship of the ethnic women, to revive and preserve the ancient craftwork skills of our enthic minorities.

Mission and Vision

  • Her Works directly liaise with our skillful tailors, crafters, partners who are local women from many ethnic groups*. We help to provide them with new ideas and innovative approaches to bring the best out of their respective arts

  • We fairly compensate their passionate works. There have been many jobs created due to in demand of Her Works’s products

  • Her Works will continue to promote economic growth and better quality of lives in many more rural areas in Laos

  • We continue to enhance our production process to make sure we maintain and improve our product quality as we grow

  • We value the dignities and capability of our Lao women from all ethnic groups

  • We promote and endorse the uniqueness of the Lao arts* embedded in our product DNA to the whole world

Footnotes: *(Hmong, Lue, Khmu, Katu, Yao, Akha, Karen, Lawa, Naga, etc)
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Norkeokuman Rd, Mixay Village, Chanthabuly District, Vientiane

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