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MANGMEE is a purse specially designed by the founder of Her Works “Tookta” for the Autumn/Winter Collection 2018. In this collection, she portrays an aspiring story of Yao ethnic group, a minority group residing in the north of Laos with a longstanding history dated back to the 15th Century when they fled from the Chinese Civil War. Tookta integrates Yao culture and tradition into this purse by using the unique Yao adornment, resulting in this outstanding contemporary masterpiece.

MANGMEE in Lao language means prosperity and wealth. Yao ethnic group are notable for their dazzling silver embellishment, sumptuously adorned during their New Year festival. Yao people believe that the decoration of silver adornment during New Year is a result of their diligence and hard work, doing agricultural activities to generate income for their families. This means that the more adornment you see on a woman, the more hard-working and diligent she is. Similarly, the Yao are also well-known for their exquisite embroidery, and the intricate pattern a woman embroiders is a reflection of her perseverance and attention to details. The jewellery and embroidery worn by a woman during the New Year represent true characteristics of Yao women – diligence and perseverance. Irresistibly, when a man sees a woman in Yao ethnic attires on New Year, he desires to start a family with her. In addition to the jewellery and embroidery that reflect prosperity, there is also a meaning behind the “Silver Flower” – the Yao flowery pattern on this purse. Yao people believe that wearing silver flower on their bodies will bring them good fortune.

The Yao prosperity story inspired the creation and the design of this purse as Tookta wishes to tell the story of Yao aspiring culture through this masterpiece. She believes that the person who acquires this purse will sense the prosperity and be proud of ‘her work’ – a result of her diligence and perseverance, created with her own two hands.

  • Mangmee won an award for product of excellence from the Minister of Industry and Commerce during the Lao Handicraft Festival, organised by JETRO and Lao Handicraft Association in October 2017 in Vientiane, Lao PDR.
  • Mangmee also won the 2018 Good Design Award in Tokyo, Japan in October 2018.

  • Hemp
  • Metal: Brass plated with 18k white gold
  • Code: mangmee
  • Made in Laos

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Her Works began with a journey of one lady called Tookta,
who has travelled to different parts of Laos to meet people from various ethnic groups.
Her sole purpose is to unveil the beauty and delicacy of the art and the handicraft works
of the lesser-known ethnic minorities.


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